Terms of Use

The following terms of use regulate usage of the www.Doc24.ch website. By using this website you declare that you have understood and consent to these terms of use.

1. Copyright and trademark rights

The content of the www.Doc24.ch website is protected by copyrights, trademarks and other rights. All rights are and remain the property of Solnar GmbH (referred hereinafter as "Solnar") or relevant third parties. The copying, distribution, transmission, holding in readiness for downloading or accessing, transfer, linking of or any other utilization of the content (or part of it) for public or commercial purposes is only permitted with prior written approval from Solnar. Accessing the website and the associated directories in compliance with the terms of use is, however, permitted. The systematic reading of the directories made available by Solnar does not constitute proper accessing of the websites and is an infringement of these terms of use.

2. Services

Solnar and its partners publish contact and other information of doctors and medical service providers. We differentiate in our directories between two areas: a) address data and (tele)communications channels that are listed in public registers and directories and b) additional information that doctors and other medical providers can add to our directory.

3. Warranty and liability

Solnar makes all efforts to ensure that its website has a high availability, but cannot provide a guarantee of such availability. This means that disruptions or downtime that restrict the functioning of the services on offer may occur at any time.

Solnar provides no guarantees concerning its services with regard to the publication of entries in its directories or for all further content of the website. In particular, Solnar provides no guarantee that the entries in its directories, as well as other website content, will be made and will remain available and accessible on time and at any time in the desired format, with the desired content and without disruption or unauthorised access by third parties. Solnar also provides no assurances or and warranties with regard to the scope, publication frequency, type, timeliness, correctness and completeness of its directories and other website content, and no warranties with regard to the correctness, quality and quantity of the data made available by data suppliers. Despite extensive efforts, Solnar cannot provide any guarantee that our data suppliers will always carry out modifications and deletions of entries or make new entries, so that they appear correctly and within a reasonable length of time in its directories.

To the extent permitted by law and irrespective of the legal grounds, Solnar also completely excludes any liability on its part, including liability for consequential damages and indirect damages as well as liability for auxiliary persons.

4. Applicable law and legal venue

Solnar may amend these terms of use at any time. If this occurs, the amended terms of use will be published here.

These terms of use are solely subject to Swiss Law. The legal venue for any disputes arising from or in relation to these terms of use is Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.

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